Baroda M-Connect plus (Mobile Banking)

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How to Active App

  • After applying for BUPGBM-Connect in Bank’s system, in normal circumstances customer will get Welcome SMS on his registered mobile in about 24 hours.
  • Customer will get mPIN also on his mobile.
  • Customer will also get an SMS of link for downloading the APPBUPGBM-Connect. Which is to be downloaded and installed on mobile.
  • App is available on Google App-Store.

  • Step-one- Installing the BUPGBM-Connect app on your mobile.
  • Step-two- run the app- In the first time system will ask for Mobile Number, put your registered mobile number here and press OK. Simultaneously SMS will come to Mobile conveying OTP. Without coming out of the APP, see your OTP from SMS and put the OTP correctly.
  • Step - three- Setting your login password- After putting OTP, system will ask for Login password – please set four digit numeric login password and confirm the same in related field.
  • Step- four – Resetting your mPIN- after login password is set, for first time use system will ask to reset the mPIN. Please reset this from the interface in home page. Initial mPIN is provided to you through SMS, insert it, then reset mPIN of four digit.
  • Now BUPGB-M-Connect is ready for usage. You have one Login password and one mPIN. Please maintain secrecy of these two.

      Level E-Mail Id
      Level 1
      Level 2
      Level 3
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