Board Of Directors

The Governance of Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank is through its Board of Directors. Structure of the Board is as under :


Shri D. P. GUPTA, Deputy General Manager of Bank of Baroda, is the present Chairman of Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank.

Shri M T Muanding Guite

Shri M T Muanding Guite, Reserve Bank of India.

Ms. Pratima Mishra

Deputy General Manager, NABARD.

Shri. Ajay K.Srivastava

Shri Ajay K. Srivastava (PDS) is Dy. Commissioner and OSD to Agriculture Production Commissioner, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

Shri Shiv Shankar

Deputy Director at Directorate of Institutional Finance & Sarvahit Bima, Lucknow is nominee director of Uttar Pradesh Government on the Board.

Dr. Ram Jass Yadav

General Manager, Lucknow Zone, Bank of Baroda.

Shri Satish Kumar Arora

General Manager, Bank of Baroda Bareilly.
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